A composting toilet for the Rote Burg

Over a longer period there will be many people working on the renovation of the Red Castle, however, there are no sanitary facilities yet. What to do? Order a portable toilet? Marén and Simone had a more sustainable idea. A composting toilet is needed! They researched online, considered different construction methods and finally found a suitable option. In Wukania - the community where Simone lives - they found everything they needed to carry out their project.

A workshop, lots of old wood and even a leftover door. Over the next few months they built the toilet house. Now all that’s missing is the interior. The finished compost toilet will have a separating toilet insert in the seat and function in an environmentally friendly way without water or chemicals.

The toilet will be transported in one piece to the Red Castle by the beginning of March where it will be put into operation. 

"The Rote Burg is a place where sustainability is lived with joy."