We have taken the first step!

In July 2020, Aryabandhu, Chairman of Triratna Berlin e.V., signed the purchase contract for the "Rote Burg". This step was preceded by more than two years of intensive preparations in the Sangha. We exchanged ideas about a future retreat centre, made plans and even visited several properties in the Berlin area. When we came across the Rote Burg in spring 2020 - in the middle of the first Corona wave - we immediately agreed in the Berlin Sangha that we wanted to seriously pursue the purchase of the site. Everyone who had visited the place reported enthusiastically about its special atmosphere. Easy to reach from Berlin and yet located in a forest, the site offers ideal conditions for a meditative retreat in nature.

Back then we didn’t know whether we would receive official permission to use the site as a retreat and seminar house. During the summer, a small team working with Dhiradevi, who supports the project with her expertise as an architect, worked tirelessly on the plans for a preliminary building application. We decided not to wait for the outcome of the authorities, but to take the risk and buy the property immediately. A courageous step.

And we know that today it was the right thing to have done. In February 2021, we finally got the green light. Now nothing stands in the way of further planning!

"The Rote Burg - a place where a vibrant community can be felt."