We need a lot of support to make the dream of having our own retreat centre come true. As soon as we can start with construction, you’re welcome to lend a hand.

At the moment, however, we need one thing: money!

At the start of construction in May 2022, we want to provide €400,000 of our own funds from donations. This is just under 30% of the estimated total costs (26.7 %).

In addition, we will need about 1.1 million in borrowed capital. We are aiming for a mixture of private and bank loans (€300,000 private loans, €700,000 bank loans, €100,000 grants).

By May 2021, €146.000 in donations have already been received and €288.000 in private loans have been pledged.

We welcome donations of any size! 


If you have any questions about donating or can give a private loan, please contact Aryabandhu by email:

For general questions use this email address:

We are ideally looking for interest-free private loans of at least € 30,000 for 10 years.


If you would like to donate, please transfer the amount directly to our account. Other transfer methods are convenient but involve high fees for us.

It is important that you state "DONATION FOR ROTE BURG" in the reference line.


Buddhistische Gemeinschaft Triratna Berlin e.V.

Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank

IBAN: DE10 4306 0967 8026 3379 03



The current estimated total cost of acquiring the land and rebuilding is €1.5 million. We have the following financing concept: 1,5 Millionen €.

Donations already received
120.000 €
Fundraising until May 2021 (borrowing)
150.000 €
Fundraising until May 2022 (start of construction)
130.000 €
Total equity
400.000 €
Private loans
300.000 €
Bank loans
700.000 €
Subsidies (e.g. for energetic refurbishment)
100.000 €
1.500.000 €